Gus is barking.He knows it’s time for our evening walks.He’s my best friend from the other phylum of the animal kingdom.I fetch his collar and bolt the door.I adjust his collar around his neck and soon we’re on our way.The weather is calm and I hope it remains that way.

These are our favourite times of the day.When we walk to the downtown driver and back.We are now familiar with the whole terrain and most of the inhabitants of this hood. Today Mr Baker is not sitting on his porch.Maybe we’ll meet him on our way back.

Mrs Stevens is putting out the trash.For a small family like hers they do accumulate a lot of trash I tell Gus.He understands and wriggles his tail.He likes it when I talk to him.We continue our stroll and find neighbours doing their mundane activities.I whisper to Gus”All is fine Agent Gus, nothing sinister”I picture his response “Copy that” in my head and smile.

Aside from a close run in with Jake in his skates our stroll goes smoothly.When we get to the river I free Gus from his collar and he saunters away.He likes swimming.I decide to take a small nap as he enjoys himself.

I am aroused by a shrill cry moments later. I cannot spot Gus either and start calling him as I set out to look for him; I walk along the river and hear a commotion behind some trees. Am not prepared for this, but if it’s Gus who needs saving am ready to a lose a tooth for the case.

Luckily the bushes are not too thick and the noise lead me to Gus and his friend.I am happy to find Gus but he looks ready to chew his friends off.I tell him “That’s not the way to treat friends Gus” He sets the cat down and I squat and pick her up.

She is quite the SI unit of cuteness and I can’t resist those eyes.”I guess we’re bringing home a visitor today “I tell Gus.I can tell that piece of news doesn’t excite him.We’ll call her Molly.She appears around a month old and I can tell she’s lost.I throw all caution aside , collar Gus and with Molly in my arms we head home.

When we get home I set different plates of food for Molly and Gus.Gus eats his so fast and begins eating Molly’s.Reminds me of an encounter with my brother and I lash out at him.He groans but understands.

When time comes for our movie with Gus, Molly sits on my lap instead.I can tell my little family is already at war.Gus is not happy and prefers to lay on the mat instead.I hope he knows I love him too.I feel happy knowing our new family member feels at home.I hope Gus learns to coexist with her.

I hope Molly chooses to stay with us.I know I should take her to the shelter but I want to keep her.Noone has to know.We are a family now.

Join us for the next series of “living with Molly”

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