So there’s this guy. I encountered him at the subway. He seems like one of those bad boys, the ones you should keep away from. He has this scar on his arm, and I am sure it’s not from lifting boxes at some charity center.

The last time we met, he told me I am the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. I laughed out loud because I am sure it was just flattery. I didn’t want him to take it back either. He has this sexy grin, and his hair makes me want to rub my hands through it. I am now a big girl, so I understand my body has needs too.

As usual, I find him sitting on those cardboard boxes facing away from me. The view from the back is just as good as the front. He’s like a Greek god of some sort. Like Zeus. All I know is that this won’t end well. Like Zeus, he’ll send a bolt of lightning through my heart. For now, I lift my boobs higher undue my top button and raise my skirt like one of those bad girls.

This time he hands me a cigarette and calls me a cupcake. He tells me I am like forbidden cake, and I have him addicted. It feels good to be a prize too. He makes his way towards me and rubs my lips with his thumb. A chill sends up through my spine. He has this evil grin today, and I can tell he’s high.

He then pins me on the wall in a not so graceful manner, and I can tell this is no princess treatment. My senses are heightened, and my inner voice screams run. Am starting to get scared. He notices my growing frustration and scoffs. He says it’s time he had a piece of his cake.

This is not how I dreamed of things turning out.He’s taller than me, but I am sure I can outmaneuver him somehow. I have to make it fast to open space where he can’t harm me. I close my eyes and prepare to land him that one kick that renders him fatherless for the rest of his life.

It is at that point that my guardian angel shows up. My two-faced brother. Stalker much? I swear if it weren’t for my helpless state, my asshole brother would have laughed at me. His intimidating figure sends Zeus into a run, and I can promise that I have never been more grateful. Now I owed him my life too.

He says, “Alleys are for rats good for you little sister.”

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